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Navigate Complexity in Manufacturing Data

Keeping up in today’s competitive manufacturing industry means getting to market faster, at a lower cost, with more innovative products. This requires being able to operate across multiple manufacturing and assembly lines with thousands of systems located around the world, and complex supply chains that are impacted by external events such as changes in tax, trade and geopolitical climates.

Navigate Operational Complexity with Better Data Integration

Data solutions that have the ability to support analytics, operationalize data and deliver actual data from across the operation can help manufacturing organizations navigate those complex environments. Manufacturers using MarkLogic have a platform that integrates data silos to deliver greater visibility across the enterprise, which prepares them to respond to future market and technical changes.

Keeping up in today’s competitive heavy equipment industry means being able to navigate complex internal and external business environments. Companies must have visibility across their complex supply chains, understand organization-wide risk, and adjust to dynamic geopolitical forces. MarkLogic provides a more efficient, agile, and secure approach to integrating manufacturing data.

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Eaton Accelerates Project & Report Delivery

After two years’ effort to integrate ERP system data to get a consolidated view of its millions of products, Eaton realized that traditional modeling and ETL approaches wouldn’t deliver the results they needed.

The company built an operational data hub on MarkLogic and in just a short time, realized immense benefits. Citing deployment simplicity, Eaton was able to immediately start ingesting and integrating data – and delivering usable information to the business.

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