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How to Win the New Industrial Revolution

Industry 4.0: The Future of Manufacturing

Disruptive technologies and market changes are transforming the manufacturing industry, requiring a new focus on optimizing use of data and information. It all adds up to a new industrial revolution called Industry 4.0.

Use Data to

Deliver Efficiency, Reduce Risk & Create Better Products

Organizations who want to realize the potential of this revolution need to “Industrialize their data,” making it a core asset to deliver better products and customer service, navigate complex business environments, and transform for the future. MarkLogic customers are delivering on this vision for data with a proven architectural pattern called the Operational Data Hub that simplifies the integration of data along the digital thread to power operational and analytic use cases across the enterprise.

Insdustry 4.0

The Future of Manufacturing

What does the leap to this new industrial revolution look like? What are the challenges and why does data play such an important role in driving innovation?

Customer Stories

Industry 4.0: The Future of Manufacturing with Eaton, Autoliv and Boeing

Manufacturers are in the throes of the 4th industrial revolution—interconnecting physical worlds with digital ones. How might businesses be impacted?

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Business Insights

Industry 4.0: Optimization Opportunities around Eight Value Drivers

In order to identify and prioritize opportunities along the digital thread, McKinsey has identified the eight value drivers that significantly impact a typical manufacturing company’s performance.

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Business Insights

Industry 4.0 and Challenges Manufacturers Face

Industry 4.0 connects digital and physical technologies—AI, robotics, cloud computing and more—to create more adaptable, responsive and unified enterprises with the ability to make more informed decisions. What challenges will manufacturers face in addressing this?

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