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Critical Pieces Demand Modern Solutions

Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials (BoM) is the core source for manufacturers storing a myriad of assemblies, parts, components, raw materials, drawings, or anything a manufacturer needs to define the structure of an end product. Unfortunately, all this information is stored in different CAD, PLM, ERP, or other systems across the wider organization with departments from design to manufacturing re-characterizing their own version of mini-BOMs. Extracting, cleansing and sourcing data are largely manual processes eating up loads of time and resources.

From Complexity to Simplicity

Harmonize Your Data Infrastructure

Modern data solutions that have the ability to deliver a scalable and efficient business model with reliable view on analytics and data can help navigate complex BOM environments. Manufacturers using MarkLogic have a platform that integrates data silos to deliver greater visibility across their supply chains, and prepares them to respond to future market and technical changes.

Your Operational & Transactional Enterprise NoSQL Database

MarkLogic is a database designed for NoSQL speed and scale, without sacrificing the enterprise features required to run mission-critical, operational applications. Using a multi-model approach, MarkLogic provides unprecedented flexibility to integrate and store all of your most critical data, and then view that data as documents, as a graph, or as relational data. You can avoid expensive and brittle ETL, consolidate BOMs at scale, better manage specific configurations and identify parts all along their lifecycle much simpler.

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