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Life Sciences

Ask More of Your Pharma Data

From R&D to supply chain, pharmacovigilance, and real world evidence generation—MarkLogic is enabling pharmas to rapidly ingest, access and achieve insight from all of their pharmaceutical data at less cost.

With new drugs requiring over a decade to develop at a cost of billions of dollars, today’s drug manufacturers are under pressure to move products to market faster. But, to do this, pharmas must first overcome the key challenges that prevent them from putting more of their data to use, including:

  • Difficulty managing high volumes of variable data
  • Slow & Arduous Data Integration Processes
  • Data governance and security across collaborative efforts
Two Scientists working together on a computer in a lab

The MarkLogic Data Hub Service for Pharma R&D

A single pane of glass that provides easy access to the widest possible array of R&D data available, the hub delivers 10X faster pharma data integration to advance collaboration and discovery.

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Why Point-to-Point Misses the Point

To Succeed You Need to See All Your Data

Expand beyond inefficient point-to-point SOA data integration to unify all of your pharma data at less time and cost. MarkLogic’s operational data hub gives pharmaceutical companies the ability to streamline operations—from R&D to the supply chain—powering innovation and operational efficiency.

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Real World Evidence: two medical researchers focusing on data on a computer

Leverage Real World Evidence to Achieve Competitive Advantage

The ability to quickly extract more value from healthcare data is key to leveraging RWE to competitive advantage. Learn how an agile database platform is helping pharmaceutical companies to efficiently integrate multi-structured real world data to advance competitive objectives.

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Global Biotech Leader Launches Metadata App to Accelerate RWE

MarkLogic built a metadata catalog for a global leader in biotech–enabling researchers to efficiently filter through metadata to zero-in on data sets with patient candidates and studies most relevant to their areas of research, gaining faster insights and competitive advantage.

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