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The MarkLogic Platform Powers Legal Industry Solutions

Solutions for Legal

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Manage more content, fully leverage metadata, deliver new products faster, streamline operations, and reduce costs by powering your solutions with Enterprise NoSQL.

Whether you are a publisher delivering new information applications or a business sifting through volumes of eDiscovery material, MarkLogic lets you manage, search, repurpose, and analyze all types of information faster and more effectively. Plus, MarkLogic keeps storage costs down by running on commodity hardware and using tiered storage to keep archival data offline yet easily accessible.


Leverage your metadata to streamline eDiscovery efforts, with government-grade security to ensure strict confidentiality. Using a flexible data management platform helps control litigation and regulatory costs and makes review teams more effective — from processing through search, analytics, review, and production.


Unify, manage, and instantly access your vast libraries by combining the flexible document storage of an Enterprise NoSQL database with built-in search engine and application services. Legal Publishers use MarkLogic to create high value mix-and-match, custom products that generate greater revenue than the sum of the underlying content components.



Lightning Fast Search

Not another add-on, our built-in search provides sub-second results

Flexible & Scalable

Scales out on any hardware environment, adapts as data changes and new data is added

Any Format

Load your content, customer and reference data, filings, reports, etc. without the pain of upfront data modeling

Reliable Performance

Transactional consistency (ACID), high availability, and government-grade security

Unified Platform

Avoids the complexity and brittleness that multiple applications carry

Lower Costs

Reduces time to market, management time and overall costs

Beyond Relational

Organizations in every industry struggle to manage massive volumes of today’s multi-structured data with the rigid relational technology they’ve used for the past 30 years.

Learn why organizations adopting agile, modern technology are now achieving results they once thought out of reach.

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