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Future-Proof Your Data: Transform Your Reporting Process

Post-Trade Processing & Reporting

How do you Solve the Challenges of Trade and Transaction Reporting?

Volumes are up and regulations are more complex. Financial Services firms are struggling to keep up. The industry is demanding transparency with detailed trade and transaction reports. It’s getting harder to comply with requirements and many firms have resorted to inefficient approaches – causing greater execution risk, increased operating cost, and data quality issues.

Relational databases don’t offer the transparency and agility required for trade data processing. That’s where we come in. We’ll decrease your long-term cost and regulatory risks by validating, transforming and automating the reporting process, across asset classes and requirements. With the MarkLogic platform you can adapt to changing business needs, and comply with regulations while improving operational efficiency.

This innovative technology integrates your data silos with minimal disruption and supports secure operations, accurate reporting, and analysis over the full data lifecycle. The result? Greater transparency and agility for your business, in real-time.

Data-Driven Transformation

Technology and the Trade Lifecycle: Where We’re Going

Discover how an optimal trade architecture improves operating agility and efficiency in Capital Markets.


Gaining Transparency With Changing Regulations

As Financial Services companies look to gain transparency and competitive edge whilst adapting to evolving regulations, data-driven transformation becomes a decisive advantage.


Trade Data Hub for Post-Trade Processing & Reporting

A MarkLogic Trade Data Hub can help you better manage your customer and trade data assets for improved business insights and responsiveness.

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