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Change the Consumer Game Forever With MarkLogic

Consumer Packaged Goods

Build and expand brand loyalty, nurture and maintain customers for life, speed up R&D, reduce operational risk, and grow your top and bottom lines with MarkLogic.

Be honest: Is your CPG organization doing any of the following really well?

  • Delivering a 1:1 lifetime 360 relationship with a billion+ consumers/households, with omni-channel apps that learn and adapt in real time to consumer behavior.
  • Managing global supply and supplier complexity sustainably – in real time – regarding socio-political, weather & geospatial events.
  • Launching consistent global branding and localized category management accurately and relevantly throughout your omni-channel ecosystem.
  • Enabling faster M&A integration while mitigating risk across multiple legacy systems and inherited platforms to drive both top and bottom line growth.
  • Enabling real-time collaboration in R&D, shortening timelines and going to market faster while maximizing both profit and market share.

All of these goals have one thing in common: the need to combine and exploit more data, not just the data you know and use now, but information from other parts of your organization, information you acquire, and/or other data outside your control.

The problem is, not only is internal data kept in separate silos but external data like social media, demographics, location, and preferences are disconnected from the internal data sources. CPG companies spend 80% of their time just collecting data leaving little time for analysis. Simply put, they have Big Data but little insight.

MarkLogic is the world’s only enterprise-grade IT platform that ingests and integrates vast volumes of structured and unstructured information in real-time, providing unrivaled search capability, relationship mapping, and enabling real-time applications for mobile, analytics & business operations.

Benefits of MarkLogic

Build & Protect Brand

Benefit from a first-ever, true 360 view of your consumers and households, at scale and across the globe.

Increase Profitability

Granular category management plus relevant marketing campaigns equal more revenue without sacrificing margins.

Improve Insight

Link and analyze all available information with a platform that learns and adapts to consumer behavior.

Faster IT Delivery

Eliminate upfront modeling requirements and meet your deliverables in time and under budget.

Mitigate Risk

Cross-pollinate R&D units and make better M&A decisions via real-time collaboration and increased visibility.

Proven Platform

Real-time operations, security, and reliable performance used by world-class global organizations

Beyond Relational

Organizations in every industry struggle to manage massive volumes of today’s multi-structured data with the rigid relational technology they’ve used for the past 30 years.

Learn why organizations adopting agile, modern technology are now achieving results they once thought out of reach.

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Want to Know More About the MarkLogic Database?

As the World’s Best Database for Integrating Data From Silos, MarkLogic is an operational and transactional Enterprise NoSQL database designed to integrate, store, manage, and search more data than ever before. One database. Endless possibilities.

MarkLogic Database Overview