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05.26.20 - 05.26.20 | Online

Current events have shown that sometimes business priorities can change unexpectedly and the need to adapt quickly is necessary to meet new challenges. This webinar session will focus on the critical role that executing on the right data strategy plays in being able to transition from “business as usual” to “business urgent.”

Data has always played a critical role in healthcare and life sciences companies; accelerating drug discovery, supporting clinical trials, delivering better patient outcomes and improving supply chain management are a few examples of the importance of optimizing data assets. The question is, how do organizations integrate and leverage their mission critical data assets and IT resources quickly enough to make an impact when business requirements demand quick action?

In this webinar, Ken Krupa, MarkLogic VP of Global Solutions Engineering, will deliver insights and best practices on how to deliver data-driven projects within a condensed timeframe. He will share some real world examples that highlight lessons learned from successful projects that were completed while working under tight deadlines:

MarkLogic partnered with industry leaders to launch two applications to deliver Coronavirus/COVID-19 information; one for individuals to track the spread of the disease on a localized, neighborhood basis, and another for pharmaceutical researchers to analyze relevant literature. These projects demonstrate the power of integrating mission-critical information from various organizations and companies, and highlights the collaboration needed to deliver applications that were outside the scope of anyone’s plan. These projects required new ways of thinking and rapid responses to:

  • Break down traditional organizational barriers to encourage collaboration across companies
  • Identify resources that will quickly address and deliver on the new business need
  • Address the requirement for visibility of data that resides on multiple platforms at different companies