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11.01.18 - 11.01.18 | Online

The MarkLogic Data Hub Service is a fully automated cloud database service to integrate data from silos. MarkLogic Data Hub Service allows you to focus on your business and to leave database infrastructure and operations to the experts at MarkLogic. 

Learn how MarkLogic Data Hub Service provides on-demand capacity, auto-scaling, and automated database operations — all with MarkLogic’s proven enterprise security and availability. Unlike many cloud services, it’s cost-effective and predictable even as enterprise workloads fluctuate. MarkLogic Data Hub Service comes pre-packaged with MarkLogic’s Operational Data Hub architecture so your team can immediately start integrating and curating data for downstream apps in just a few clicks.

  • Caio Milani, Sr. Director, Product Management
  • Ken Krupa, Chief Technology Officer, Enterprise