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10.22.19 | London, United Kingdom

Embracing FAIR data principles, the MarkLogic Pharma Research Hub enables organisations to securely integrate their data from disparate silos. External sources of data can be brought in to enrich internal data sets. On top of this, advanced search and semantics make research data findable in one place, near instantaneously.

A single point of truth enables organisations to get accurate, meaningful results when they need it. With multiple security certifications and intricate role-based governance, all kinds of data can be safely made to be accessible and shareable throughout the enterprise.

In this discussion, you will see the new Pharma Research Hub in action and learn how it enables researchers to:

  • Quickly load any pharma data set, structured or unstructured, including publications, authors, drugs, compounds, targets, and genes—and scale on demand.
  • Search over enriched documents with extracted text, semantic triples and metadata.
  • Visualize relationships and discover new connections to see how researchers are connected to institutions, publications, and peers.
  • Fully customize search results by adjusting weighting, relevance scores, and exclusions without IT assistance.
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