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09.22.20 - 09.22.20 | Online

Medicaid projects in state government involve large-scale data integration efforts. Legacy technology implementations struggle to keep pace with fast-changing integration needs that are both costly and prolong the time to benefit. State government Medicaid modernization projects have made concerted efforts to improve these challenges via closer adherence to MITA standards and improved modularity.

  • Trends and direction in Medicaid Enterprise Systems (MES) and Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS) integration initiatives | Lorrie Scardino, BlueTack Consulting, LLC
  • How multiple state government agencies have used a next-generation Operational Data Store to simplify their architecture, quickly integrate and master disparate data, decrease implementation timeframes and costs, and shorten time to benefit | Damon Feldman and Michael Doane, Marklogic
  • Overcoming challenges with integrating data across an ecosystem that contains both legacy and modern systems, with a focus on lessons learned and architectural considerations with data integration for MES projects | Gerhard Ungerer, Random Bit LLC


Lorrie Scardino
Managing Director, BlueTack Consulting, LLC

Lorrie Scardino, Managing Director at Blue Tack Consulting, covers the MES market, with focus on systems integration, integration platforms and MMIS modernization roadmaps. She tracks trends and developments in the market and advises a wide range of entities across the market.

Damon Feldman
Senior Director, Solutions Architecture, MarkLogic

Michael Doane
Senior Account Executive, MarkLogic

Mike Doane, the Health and Human Services Solution Director at MarkLogic, has been focused on government healthcare and social services for the past decade.He helps develop solutions to Medicaid and other health and human services programs by integrating data from the wide array of program-specific systems to help deliver better care.

Gerhard Ungerer
Chief Technology Officer, Random Bit LLC

Gerhard Ungerer is the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Random Bit LLC, which provides enterprise architecture, software design, and governance services to public sector clients. He currently serves as Enterprise Architect on large-scale enterprise data integrationMedicaid Enterprise System modernization projects.

Tom Byrne
VP HHS, MarkLogic

Tom Byrne, Vice President at Marklogic responsible for all HHS and State Government. Tom has over 30 years’ experience in the State government market. His responsibilities included executive leadership roles at SAP and CGI.