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07.07.20 - 07.07.20 | Online

Companies struggle to achieve end-to-end visibility into their fragmented supply chains, the results of which include process and order management inefficiencies, unplanned downtime, and other critical challenges. All of these challenges increase the risk to the company’s ability to comply with regulatory mandates and standards, their brand integrity—and revenue. In this webinar we will discuss how companies are optimizing their supply chain and leveraging new technologies to increase efficiency.

A company’s ability to implement and utilize these new technologies requires the adoption of an agile, sustainable data platform. In this session you will hear from industry experts on how businesses are leveraging a complete 360 view of all data, traceability, data governance, and advanced security to make informed decisions, reduce costs—and maintain efficient control over products from the factory floor to the end consumer.

Topics covered in the discussion include:

* Recognizing and avoiding pitfalls

* Keeping the supply chain running

* AI’s ability to help with the variations in the environment