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01.23.19 - 01.23.19 | Online

Understanding data and more importantly—making effective use of data—remains a difficult task within the Entertainment industry. There has been an explosion in sources of data and tools to gather it. But to actually use that data to drive the business, you need to apply new patterns to integrate the data and use new techniques to understand it.

This webinar brings together experts on integrating data and applying artificial intelligence as they discuss:

  • Current data challenges in the entertainment industry
  • Data integration and harmonization for knowledge representation
  • Industry primers on the major areas of AI
  • Real world examples of AI helping to understand and explain industry trends
  • The groundwork for making data an effective asset for the industry

Guy Finley
Executive Director at MESA/CDSA and CEO at Trusted Partner Network

Yves Berquist
Founder & CEO Corto, Director, AI & Neuroscience in Media Project, Entertainment Technology Center, University of Southern California

Matt Turner
Chief Technology Officer, Media, MarkLogic