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04.30.19 | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

MarkLogic will be leading an Executive Boardroom discussion.  Abstract:  Data has never been more important … so why is it so hard to effectively leverage? While everyone is struggling with data silos and data lakes, leading CIOs are operationalizing their data to leverage advanced analytics, AI & Machine Learning capabilities to transform their business.  What is the right approach for your business, and what are the factors to consider so that useable data becomes the foundation of your business, leads to improved decision making and delivers a better customer experience?  How are leading companies like Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Eaton, Aetna, Chevron, and others integrating data across complex operational environments to enable their business transformation?  All of these companies take a different approach to achieve their business goals of making data available and interactive with the full provenance, lineage and, most importantly, security needed to make use of the data.


  • How data integration has catapulted business transformation at leading companies
  • How to evaluate your business, and its data, to gain business advantage