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04.29.20 - 04.29.20

Business users need traditional analytics over structured data but also want deeper insight into fast-changing unstructured data. Currently, however, analytics on free text, unstructured data is a blind spot in the enterprise. MarkLogic has a unique advantage by easily ingesting all your data and supporting structured queries in addition to more complex search, all in one operational system. Whether you’re building custom analytics or using standard BI tools, MarkLogic can accelerate your path to insights, all from the same Data Hub.

Learn more on today’s analytics trends, the future applications of analytics, how to use MarkLogic to build an agile data pipeline for analytics and how to use MarkLogic Semantics and integrated search to answer complex business questions. In addition, see a demo of how an operational data hub facilitates analytics and how a BI tool can be used on top of it.