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06.17.20 - 06.17.20 | Online

The FHIR-based ONC Cures Final Act Rule is currently scheduled to go into effect on July 1, 2021. Given the tight deadline, the scale of the data involved, and the potential costs, you need a data integration solution that can fight “FHIR with fire”. In this 60-minute webinar we will raise important considerations for meeting this data interoperability mandate, and explain why a data hub platform may be your best option for meeting these requirements and other compliance demands.

By attending this webinar you will learn:

  • Whether your data architecture and integration platform includes capabilities required
  • Approaches to address potential data security issues
  • How the MarkLogic Data Hub Service can be quickly deployed to meet this mandate, and improve data agility in your operations
  • Best practices for applying FHIR standards

Who should attend? The ONC Cures Act will impact:

  • Healthcare providers
  • Developers of certified health IT products
  • Health information exchanges
  • Health Insurance Companies
  • Retail Pharmacies