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Developing MarkLogic Apps II - XQuery

Course Details

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Course Objectives

Attendees completing this course will be able to:

  • Configure and test Content Processing Framework (CPF) domains, pipelines, and triggers.
  • Manage and search data across multiple languages.
  • Implement schema validation.
  • Manage unstructured documents.
  • Extract metadata from and search unstructured documents.
  • Use in-memory maps to facilitate document joins.
  • Implement a data model using modular documents.
  • Implement Document Library Services applications to manage version control, including document check-out, update, check-in, and retention policies.
  • Use registered queries.
  • Create reverse queries and matchmaking queries.
  • Create an alerting application.
  • Use near query and co-occurrence search.
  • Use geospatial search.
  • Create and use a custom dictionary and thesaurus.
  • Perform query tuning.

Course Outline

This course has the following units:

  • Data Modeling
  • Content Processing Framework
  • Working with Content in Different Languages
  • Working with Schemas
  • Working with Unstructured Documents
  • MarkLogic Server Transactions
  • Joining Documents
  • Modular Documents
  • Managing Versions with DLS
  • Registered Queries
  • Reverse Queries
  • Matchmaking Queries
  • Alerting Applications
  • Co-Occurrence and Proximity Search
  • Geospatial Search
  • Using a Custom Thesaurus and Dictionary
  • Taxonomies and Ontologies
  • Entity Enrichment
  • Tuning Queries
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