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Let your skills fly by applying what you have learned during MarkLogic University training towards the completion of a simulated real-world project!

As a developer participating in this project you will be expected to commit time and effort in order to achieve the project goals and you will be challenged to grow your skills along the way. A project coordinator will guide and mentor you through the project as you work to complete the required deliverables and checkpoints.

In order to participate in the project you must meet the prerequisites defined below. And upon successful completion, you will earn a badge in recognition of your accomplishment.

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As a developer participating in this project you will work to meet business requirements using the MarkLogic Data Hub Framework and your programming skills to:

  • Create a MarkLogic Data Hub
  • Design a data model
  • Implement a security model
  • Load and manage data
  • Curate data
  • Develop data services

Course Outline

Kickoff Meeting
  • Project Overview
  • Review business requirements
  • Review architecture requirements
  • Review application components
  • Review data sources
  • Deliver the next assignment
  • Review supporting resources
  • Review data model design
  • Define the final data model
  • Deliver the next assignment
  • Review entity type definition(s)
  • Review input flow configuration
  • Review security configuration
  • Review raw data in staging
  • Deliver the next assignment
  • Review harmonize flow
  • Review plugin code
  • Review final data
  • Deliver the next assignment
  • Review application code for your data services
  • Deliver the next assignment
  • Review final project data model, code and functionality
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