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Icon Customers Challenges


  • Improve upon costly point-to-point integration, which stymied business initiatives
  • Achieve agility to meet changing business needs
  • Establish full data governance, auditability, traceability and control
Icon Customers Solutions


  • Data Integration
  • Operational Data Warehouse
  • Mainframe Migration
  • Customer 360
  • Tiered Storage
Icon Customers Results


  • Real-time batch integration and data search
  • Data de-coupling and re-usability
  • Agility with canonical modeling versus up-front modeling with relational databases
  • Easy and full data lineage and traceability

Why MarkLogic?

With MarkLogic, Aetna was able to deliver an entire line of business in just nine months.

Data Usability Through Search & Semantics

Aetna can search data in real-time, develop it quickly for speed-to-market, and achieve good response times and agility with governance requirements for member and provider data. Aetna also semantically enriches provider data with conformance.

Reduced Costs

Data conformance can be much easier. With MarkLogic, source data costs and the amount of hardware, software, and caching is minimized. Accessing data from applications is easy and affordable to store.

Full Auditability

With MarkLogic, full data lineage and traceability back to raw data is very easy to accomplish.

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