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We needed a technology that could create that 360 view of our projects, and the MarkLogic Data Hub was really the only option for us.”

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Suffolk Construction: Disrupting With Data

Learn how Suffolk Construction is using data and technology to fulfill their vision of transforming the construction industry.

Why MarkLogic?

Small oversights or mistakes in construction project planning can result in large multi-million dollar losses. Suffolk is using MarkLogic to rapidly ingest and harmonize their various internal Oracle and Microsoft data silos to provide a 360 degree view of their entire project portfolio and vendor information. They now have immediate access to insights that were previously unattainable.

Fast Data Ingestion

With the MarkLogic Data Hub, Suffolk can ingest a wide variety of data types without time-consuming upfront data modeling

Smart Mastering

Data from multiple silos across the enterprise (financial, imagery, scheduling, etc.) is harmonized in the Data Hub to give a true 360 view


Suffolk can use the flexible MarkLogic platform to add more data sets and do their own in-house development of new applications

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