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We leverage innovative technologies like MarkLogic to help us deliver with speed and agility, ingest data more rapidly than we could before, and make it available to our businesses.”

Maureen Penzenik
Icon Customers Challenges


  • Improve data quality with a single source of truth
  • Deliver real-time data accessibility
  • Decrease time to market for new services and apps
  • Increase security
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  • Established data provenance and governance
  • Generate reports faster and with fewer resources
  • Reduced storage costs
  • Implemented ‘just-in-time’ data modeling
  • Achieved continuous integration and continuous deployment

Why MarkLogic?

After determining a relational database wouldn’t meet the company’s digital transformation requirements, Northern Trust decided to implement MarkLogic and the cloud. The company began working with MarkLogic to build a transaction hub, and quickly realized its value as a flexible yet enterprise-ready platform. Today, MarkLogic is serving as the system of record for Northern Trust’s digital offerings. The company also uses the MarkLogic Data Hub Framework to build Operational Data Hubs for its microservices strategy.

Rapid Deployment

In just 15 days, Northern Trust deployed 300 times to its user-acceptance test environment and 100 times to production.

Increased Agility

Northern Trust has streamlined ETL processes, and now leverages flexible data structures and formats to improve data accessibility.

Improved Data Integrity

MarkLogic’s ACID compliance ensures transactional consistency and completion, allowing for better data-driven insights.

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