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MarkLogic…surpassed our expectations.”

“After realizing a relational database wouldn’t serve our needs, we discovered MarkLogic and the database surpassed our expectations. Our chief database developer was extremely enthusiastic about the range of functions and also the API. He was always able to find the right functions for any given task, whereas in earlier relational database projects we’d have had to do some re-development. After the initial success of VLB-TIX, we look forward to continuing to innovate on the MarkLogic database.”

Stefan Schwedt | MVB
Icon Customers Challenges


  • Disparate data sources from publishers, partners and more
  • Complex data with multiple industry standards
  • Scalability to support business growth
  • Inflexible relational database
Icon Customers Solutions


  • Data Integration
  • Content Delivery
Icon Customers Results


  • Rapid Data Integration
  • Improved Collaboration Between Partners
  • Enhanced Online Promotion
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Decreased Development Cycles

Why MarkLogic?

After attempting to build VLB-TIX on a relational database, the development team rapidly realized that Enterprise NoSQL was a more ideal choice. MarkLogic provides not only flexibility and agility during data import, but also has built-in search capabilities and enterprise features crucial in supporting future business growth. Today, VLB-TIX runs MarkLogic on-premise.

Faster Time to Value

With native XML support, MarkLogic reduces time, complexity, and errors during data integration so VLB-TIX can get information to customers faster than ever before.

Optimal Customer Service

MarkLogic’s integrated search engine makes data discoverable without the need for additional time-consuming synchronization. It also optimizes search speed across large quantities of data — an advantage in a competitive market.

Agile Infrastructure

As specifications, functions, and workflows are constantly rethought, adapted, or completely changed, MarkLogic’s agility helps MVB remain competitive and deliver high levels of customer service.

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