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MarkLogic helped us answer complex questions and issues…”

“At M*Modal, we realized that building our application on a relational platform could not be done. The technology simply could not access and analyze rich patient information such as a lab report while trying to structure large sets of data. We found that MarkLogic helped us answer complex questions and issues in order to deliver the highest possible quality of care.”

Icon Customers Challenges


  • Improving patient care
  • Integration of various types of health data such as electronic health records (EHRs) and doctor notes
  • Security for sensitive health and financial data
  • Scalability to support numerous hospitals and their users
  • Performance for rapid data response and diagnosis
Icon Customers Solutions


  • Data Integration
  • Patient 360 Repository
Icon Customers Results


  • Improved Patient Outcomes
  • Reduced Costs
  • Faster Time to Value

Why MarkLogic?

M*Modal built its entire business on MarkLogic’s Enterprise NoSQL database running on a private cloud. The company specifically relies on the following MarkLogic features:

  • ACID compliance for transactional integrity
  • Search and query to find patient data more effectively
  • Performance that yields rapid response times
  • Scalability for managing multiple terabytes of data and a growing number of concurrent users
  • Flexible data model able to handle a variety of data from multiple sources with ease
  • Government-grade security

Faster Time-to-Diagnosis

When the Ebola crisis hit America in 2014, M*Modal created an app that guided doctors to diagnose the fatal illness. With a subscription and cloud-based service, M*Modal made the service available to multiple users at hospitals, universities, and elsewhere with the push of a button.

Patient-Centered Care

M*Modal manages millions of documents with sub-second search. By quickly ingesting, integrating, and delivering new information as it emerges, M*Modal can capture doctors’ notes, and search and discover relevant information to add to records for more accurate, rapid diagnoses.

Healthcare-Grade Security

Security protocols can hinder innovation. M*Modal overcomes this challenge with MarkLogic, which allows for personalized controls so only authorized persons can add critical information to patient records, and coders can access only information relevant to them for insurance purposes.

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