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With MarkLogic, we don’t spend time and money transforming data like we would have to in a relational model.

We focus on user experience and how we are going to manipulate and visualize the data. This has helped us bring in-demand, revenue-driving products to market faster than before.”

Icon Customers Challenges


  • Disparate and complex data sources like texts, sounds, and videos
  • Competitive pressure
  • Increasing internal demands
  • Strained existing relational database could not address new requirements for business growth
Icon Customers Solutions


Icon Customers Results


  • Improved User Experience
  • New Revenue Streams
  • Reduced Costs & Time to Value

Why MarkLogic?

Powered by MarkLogic, Lagardère’s Digital Factory configures, structures, and ingests millions of documents. The Digital Factory can leverage this information for digital publishing on existing properties, and integrate new sources of data for new product creation.

Improved Productivity

Because MarkLogic ingests data as is, Lagardère can build new apps and services in weeks versus months with the previous relational-based system.

Enhanced Collaboration

IT is now meeting or surpassing the business’s goals, transforming the IT department’s reputation within the organization and encouraging better collaboration.

Lower Costs

Lagardère has eliminated nearly all of the costs associated with ETL.

Lagardere Active Builds Digital Platform on MarkLogic
Rsz Lagardere

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