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We have yet to find a breaking point in MarkLogic.”

Michael Henry | KPMG
Icon Customers Challenges


  • Disparate data, in disparate silos
  • Desire to move away from manual and toward digital
  • Security for sensitive financial information
  • Agile infrastructure to meet changing business and regulatory requirements
Icon Customers Solutions


Icon Customers Results


  • Reduced Risk
  • Faster Time to Results
  • Reduced Costs
  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Accuracy & Consistency of Data

Why MarkLogic?

DLAP runs on an operational data hub built on MarkLogic, which ingests data as is to quickly aggregate information and generate reports. KPMG also leverages MarkLogic Semantics to easily define relationships between datapoints across multiple documents.

Mitigated Risk

Automating manual processes allows KPMG to ensure its customers’ data is accurate and meets regulatory requirements.

Reduced Costs

In addition to reducing time and labor costs of financial reporting processes, KPMG customers can reduce regulatory fines.

Improved Productivity

KPMG cites vast improvement in productivity. In one instance, a client experienced a 75% reduction in document review.

KPMG: Transforming Compliance With Digital Labor

In this keynote, Michael Henry shows how organizations address this growing area of interest by using KPMG’s Digital Labor Automation Platform (DLAP), built on MarkLogic.

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