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After examining options such as relational and open source databases, the MarkLogic database was the best option to meet our targets. It provides the infrastructure we needed to make the next generation of hr | ReFlex possible.”

Jens Blohm

Managing Director of Life & Health Northern & Central Europe – Hannover Re

Icon Customers Challenges


  • Data silos in various global departments
  • Disparate data, such as patient records and insurance forms
  • Demand for accurate, real-time information
  • Risk management for identifying high-risk insurance candidates
  • Agility to meet changing business rules and regulations
  • Security to protect sensitive health and financial data
Icon Customers Solutions


  • Data Integration
  • Customer 360
  • Cloud
  • Data Warehouse
Icon Customers Results


  • Mitigated Risk
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Reduced Cost & Complexity

Why MarkLogic?

After realizing a relational database could not meet its requirements, Hannover Re selected MarkLogic for its unique combination of built-in search, enterprise-grade security, flexibility, agility, and scalability.

Managed Risk

A 360-degree view of all data allows Hannover Re to better analyze and manage risks. The company’s new analytical capabilities help users better analyze risk and make optimal decisions.

Real-Time Availability

Hannover Re’s central analytic data warehouse hosts data from countless worldwide installations, collects 10 years of data from client installations, and manages millions of documents effectively in real time.

Reduced Complexity

Because MarkLogic ingests data as is, Hannover Re no longer needs the time-consuming ETL tools it once used. By eliminating tools, the company has also reduced costs.

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