“It’s (MarkLogic) enterprise grade…We want something built with ACID transactions that can do a back-up and recovery that is already available for high availability and disaster recovery, and has a very comprehensive security model.”


  • Disparate data in disparate silos
  • Security for sensitive financial information
  • Enterprise-grade features with flexibility and agility
  • Shadow IT systems and aging infrastructure


  • A 360-degree view of customer information
  • Improved customer service
  • A flexible, agile data model that’s also enterprise-ready
  • Reduced costs
  • Data Integrity and security

Why MarkLogic?

A POC revealed a 4:1 improvement across the board with MarkLogic over relational systems. Erie can load data much faster in MarkLogic than in relational databases, and improve notification and alert times. But the most notable improvement is the model change response time.

MarkLogic delivered a high-speed, open, and extensible delivery platform with cross-line integration and data mastering capabilities, as well as data governance and security. The new infrastructure utilizes agile processes and reduces application delivery times. Additionally, Erie required improved flexibility and scalability over traditional relational systems, security, support for transactions, ACID compliance, and the ability to fit new tools into the organization’s existing operational model.

Faster Time to Value

Erie found that loading data into MarkLogic was much faster than in a relational database, and development time dropped from months to days, or even hours.

Quickly Turn Data into Information

Erie employees are more empowered with the new system (i.e., when a customer calls in with a new piece of information, employees can act on it quickly).

Reduced Costs & Improved Productivity

MarkLogic makes it easier for a wider number of users to conduct the work reserved for specialized workers in the previous system.

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