The results we’ve had with bringing data together have been very strong and positive: We’ve shown that we can do things 4.2x faster.”

Allen Muller

  • A complex BI landscape resulting from mergers and acquisitions
  • Data integration
  • Slow information and project delivery


  • 360 View of Data in ERP Systems
  • More Effective Decision-making
  • Flexible Data Model
  • Agility

Why MarkLogic?

After two years’ effort to integrate ERP systems and no success with an RDBMS, Eaton realized its plan was solid, but their tools were flawed. The company built an Operational Data Hub on MarkLogic and in just a short time, realized immense benefits. Citing deployment simplicity, Eaton was able to immediately start ingesting and integrating data in order to deliver data and projects much faster than its relational-based system.

Accelerated Delivery

Eaton improved delivery times from two years to six months. With MarkLogic, the company can now plan for projects in weeks and months versus years.

Added Flexibility

Eaton was able to combine data from two finance systems in two weeks, then go back and add more complicated data without breaking what was already in place.

Improved Reporting

Now armed with a rapid 360-degree view of all of the company’s data, Eaton was quickly able to achieve more effective decision-making.

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