MarkLogic allows us to keep up with agile development without compromising any of the architectural purity that we need.”


  • Siloed data and technologies were beginning to cause inefficiencies and high maintenance costs
  • Reduce risks associated with inaccurate data

  • Cloud
  • Customer 360

  • Reduced Risk
  • Decreased Costs
  • Increased Revenue

Why MarkLogic?

MarkLogic combines NoSQL features like flexibility, agility, and scalability with enterprise features like government-grade security, disaster recovery, and ACID compliance. “ACID compliance is particularly important,” says Broadridge’s Paolo Pelizzoli. “We found that most vendors only offer 95 percent compliance — which is not OK when dealing with other people’s money.”

Mitigated Risk

Broadridge’s GPTM reduces risk for banking customers with accurate, up-to-date information and reporting for better insights.

Reduced Costs

Through streamlined data and technologies, Broadridge offers banks a terrific ROI for post-trade processing.

Increased Revenue

In less than a year after its GPTM launch, Broadridge is taking major global banks live on the platform.

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