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We only want to manage information inside of the document and not have to also manage the massive amounts of triples and the links between all of the relations–that’s a capability that’s straight out-of-the-box. We also wanted the solution to be scalable and keep all of our historic data, so we can go back and look at any point in time to see how things have changed.”

Brian Wirth

Java Developer – Boeing


Boeing faced the common challenge of having great quantities of data, as well as numerous data siloes. This hindered information discovery and sharing amongst employees, operators and suppliers around the world. Additionally, the data in siloes lacked context, which, combined with the sheer volume of data, slowed efficiencies in MBSE. Boeing is using MarkLogic to resolve these challenges.

  • Streamlined and strengthened global security
  • Improved efficiencies, data governance and traceability
  • Enhanced scalability and performance

Why MarkLogic?

To address security challenges, Boeing is housing its metadata policy information and policy retrieval in MarkLogic to identify policies, search them and identify trends faster than before. Boeing is also leveraging MarkLogic and its semantics capabilities to ensure high performance of its MBSE. Regardless of the volume of data, Boeing’s MBSE is high performing–an issue that is a challenge in traditional databases.

Improved Security

Boeing created a centralized location for global policy management.

Established Traceability

Despite managing a daunting amount of data, Boeing can easily trace products to satisfy air-worthy requirements.

Enhanced Scalability and Performance

According to Boeing, the accumulation of historical data does not affect query performance—a common issue among legacy databases.

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