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…what we got in 20 seconds on SQL took us 200 milliseconds in NoSQL….”

“Our legacy system took up to 30 minutes or an hour sometimes [to publish a video clip]. We compared the MarkLogic NoSQL technology to some SQL vendors, and what we got in 20 seconds on SQL took us 200 milliseconds in NoSQL — orders of magnitude faster. So we said let’s move iPlayer to this.”

BBC iPlayer

Icon Customers Challenges


  • Legacy system slowed productivity, innovation, and content delivery
  • Growing content required massive scalability and faster response times
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Icon Customers Results


  • Faster Response Times
  • Improved Scalability
  • Agility
  • Cost-efficiency
BBC iPlayer

Why MarkLogic?

The BBC wanted to upgrade iPlayer to support a growing user base, deliver content that could be viewed on multiple devices, personalize that content — and do it all faster than the original implementation. The BBC found success with MarkLogic immediately after it launched iPlayer, handling three billion requests within the first year of production through the cloud.

Improved Service Drives Success

With query times dropping from 20 seconds to 200 milliseconds, the iPlayer handled three billion requests in its first year — resulting in some very happy iPlayer users.

Agile Infrastructure

With MarkLogic, the BBC team can make content available to viewers in minutes, not days.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

By reducing the number of systems in its tech stack, the BBC has dramatically reduced IT costs as well.

BBC Sport

Icon Customers Challenges


  • Integration of diverse data, such as statistics and videos
  • Rapid application development to meet game deadlines
  • Scalability to support tens of thousands of transactions per second
  • Utilization of open standards for mobile delivery
Icon Customers Solutions


Icon Customers Results


  • Improved Scalability and Speed
  • Industry Success
  • Synchronicity: Multi-screen Interaction with Real-time Updates
  • High Availability
BBC Sport

Why MarkLogic?

The BBC wanted unparalleled delivery of real-time, customizable, and interactive online content for the Summer Olympics. Its relational technology was beginning to lag under the load of variable data types; and anticipating an exponential growth of content, the BBC turned to MarkLogic for data integration, semantics, and multi-device delivery.

Optimal Customer Service

The BBC experienced 25,000 transactions per second, 45 billion requests total — and was able to handle them all.

High Scalability

BBC served up 2.8 petabytes of data on one peak day alone— with zero downtime.

Industry Accolades

BBC continued to showcase its industry leadership by winning numerous awards for their Olympic coverage.

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