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I’m an Oracle DBA, I’ve been designing databases for many years so I’m a strong relational guy, but I fell in love with MarkLogic when I saw it. And it was because we could bring everything in, in a schema-agnostic way, and not have to go through and do all the rip and replace that we have to do every place else with other methodologies.”

Alan Campbell

Software Systems Engineer – Autoliv

Icon Customers Challenges


  • Disparate data in disparate silos
  • Quality and speed of response and report times
  • Security for numerous diverse business lines
  • Searchability for traceability
Icon Customers Solutions


Icon Customers Results


  • Response times improved from days to seconds
  • Reports are generated faster and with fewer resources
  • Storage costs were reduced

Why MarkLogic?

A POC was built in just two weeks with two people — and one was learning on the fly. The POC and initial implementation found that MarkLogic could meet Autoliv’s goals. MarkLogic provides a central, long-term, neutral format repository for all manufacturing data. It also provides a data-mineable repository for product development, and the ability to ask high-value traceability questions of data. Lastly, MarkLogic can manage data life, and eliminate costly long-term storage of manufacturing data in local systems.

Rapid Response Times

In seconds, the Autoliv team can respond to previously tough questions such as, “What was that part made of?”

Reduced Costs

Autoliv needs to maintain searchable data for at least 20 years; MarkLogic’s Tiered Storage makes this task more affordable than its previous system.

Improved Security

Among many notable security improvements: Employees working in one division (such as explosives), cannot view information in another division, such as radar.

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