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With a minimal investment in the technology, we discovered a 600 percent more effective way to match customers to events, as well as dropping opt-out rates for our B2B marketing team. We’re building products around our customers’ workflow and making their lives easier — which translates into greater revenue opportunities.”

Gene Bishop

VP of Technology – ALM

Gene Bishop | ALM
Icon Customers Challenges


  • Integration of numerous data silos, some existing and others gained through acquisition
  • Volume and variety of data from multiple industries
  • Increased competition
  • Mounting struggles with relational database
Icon Customers Solutions


  • Customer 360
  • Data Integration
  • Content Delivery
Icon Customers Results


  • Increased Revenue
  • Agile Infrastructure
  • Improved Time to Market
  • Ability to Personalize Content

Why MarkLogic?

After struggling to accomplish its goals with a relational database, ALM turned to MarkLogic as a central repository for re-usable content. From there, it used MarkLogic Semantics to link and enrich content, then deliver the enhanced content through multiple products to new and existing audiences. With tailored products and rapid content distribution, ALM has grown its business in numerous industries

Increased Revenue

In addition to expanding content delivery into new markets, ALM grew its online advertising business.

Agile Infrastructure

By quickly and easily integrating content with the MarkLogic database, ALM can get new targeted content to market faster than before.

Improved Time to Market

In just four months, ALM was able to achieve a unified view of data about its customers.

ALM Consolidates and Delivers Content Efficiently in a Digital-First World

Video Thumb Customers Alm
Gene Bishop
VP, Technology, ALM

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