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We chose MarkLogic because trade data is notoriously difficult…”

“We need the ability to respond quickly to changing regulatory requirements. We chose MarkLogic because trade data is notoriously difficult to handle in relational databases. We found the breadth of MarkLogic’s multi-model database and associated features, such as security and ACID transactions, to be compelling.”

Icon Customers Challenges


  • Infrastructure agility to meet changing internal demands and external regulations
  • Trade data reporting
  • Compliance for regulations today and new regulations in the future
Icon Customers Results


  • Faster Development Times
  • Minimized Risk
  • Why MarkLogic?

    Regulators increasingly want banks to be able to reconstruct trades and retrace data lineage. By building its trade store on MarkLogic, ABN AMRO can more easily comply with existing and forthcoming financial regulations. It now also has a fully-integrated, consolidated view of data to provide a single source of truth for reporting. Additionally, MarkLogic’s Bitemporal capability will allow ABN AMRO to minimize risk through “tech time travel” — timestamping and rewinding trades.

    Minimized Risk

    With a consistent, transparent record of every order and trade event, ABN AMRO is able to comply with internal and external reporting requirements in a fast and flexible manner.

    Plan for Future Growth

    By searching and analyzing all of its trade data in new ways, ABN AMRO can see future benefits such as discovering trends in how trading occurs.

    Rapid Time to Market

    In order to meet internal expectations and external requirements like MiFID II, ABN AMRO had aggressive deadlines. With MarkLogic’s help, the organization beat those deadlines.

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