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John is a seasoned business leader in the software and infrastructure space who most recently served as a Global VP for Veritas Technologies. While there, he led a successful growth and transformation strategy with a focus on consulting sales and professional services. John has worked and traveled extensively in international and domestic roles, primarily focused on leading sales and presales teams, and building global consulting services organizations. He has broad industry experience providing leadership for world-class companies such as EMC Dell and VMWare, in addition to startup and mid-size enterprises. John spent his early career working at software companies and gaining experience in healthcare technology, consumer goods product technology, and most major verticals where hardware and software come together to help be the backbone of enterprise customers.

John’s passion in work is cultivating cross-functional relationships inside organizations, providing a diverse experience and engagement model, and matching different skills and experiences which ensures a great team experience that generates business outcomes that benefit customers and partners. John consistently leads strong alignment between the selling and delivery ecosystem while including the functional organizations within that life cycle. With his passion and leadership, he creates a bridge between the customer relationship and company objectives. John’s interest has been and remains on helping innovative mindsets flourish; allowing for growth, creating inclusion, and maintaining individuality. When not working, John makes time for new experiences in different parts of the world and has a non-stop desire to gain knowledge of other cultures.