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Chris has over 20 years experience developing software for the enterprise. After working as lead architect on Ultraseek Server, Infoseek’s enterprise search application, which is now one of Autonomy’s principal products following the acquisition of Verity, Chris founded MarkLogic. Driven by a desire to turn the database industry on its head, for over fifteen years Chris has been spearheading MarkLogic’s innovation and transforming the way companies use, manage, and search their data by giving them a 360-degree view.

Prior to InfoSeek and MarkLogic, Chris pursued post-doctoral research in high-speed networks and real-time video processing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). During his research tenure at MIT, he authored over 15 publications in internet and multi-media technologies.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Engineering and Computer Science degree from the California Institute of Technology, and both a Masters and Ph.D. in Computer Science from MIT.

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