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Governance, Risk & Compliance

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Resolving Governance, Risk and Compliance – Once and For All

Mastering your compliance to the max can (and eventually will) save your organization from punitive damages, consequent reputation damage and yes, even personal indictments of board members. Proof of what happens if you don’t is in newspapers around the world every day. Luckily there’s a way that goes beyond control – and increases profits in the process.

It’s not exactly news that lack of compliance can result in catastrophic liability to your organization. And yet, most companies are ill-equipped to investigate compliance matters and defend themselves in, for instance, against indictment with corruption.

Reproducing the Historical Truth of Any Given Timeframe

To resolve anything related to governance, risk and compliance (GRC) ABN AMRO teamed up with MarkLogic: “We must be able to respond immediately to changing regulations. We chose MarkLogic because transaction data can’t be managed sufficiently using any other technology. The bitemporal capabilities of MarkLogic’s Data Hub enable us to manage risks through ‘tech-time travel’.”

Puzzled by bitemporality and tech-time travel? We’re happy to explain – not using any tech-talk whatsoever. You’ll be enlightened. That’s a promise.


Airtight GRC, at Last

MarkLogic created a Data Hub that is in fact the only available system that will end not only your quest for airtight GRC, but will in the process advance your entire organization on its way to becoming a data-driven enterprise. We know topics such as these are not the easiest to digest, so should you feel the need for further information as to what our data hub can do for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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As a chief executive, you have a choice: will you let your data be kept and managed by an array of third-party applications, or do you take matters into your own hands? MarkLogic works day after day to solve the biggest challenges of the world’s most influential organizations. Successfully, flawlessly, and with tangible results within a few weeks, instead of many, many months.

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