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Data Processing as a Workstream for Medicaid Modernization

Modernizing a Medicaid Enterprise Systems involves both integrating new modules and building a robust, agile data infrastructure to connect them all and to satisfy both reporting and operational needs. A MES data infrastructure connects and enables all modules – ideally starting at the evaluation and procurement phase – and evolving to knit them together into a system of systems.

Join us to learn how to set up data processing as its own work stream, early, rather than as a secondary or just-in-time activity while integrating modules. A modern, agile, flexible data infrastructure, with a powerful ODS, done right and done first, avoids a number of pitfalls seen in various state efforts. We will cover actual pitfalls and outline principles that help avoid them.

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Schedule a meeting to learn how we are working with multiple states to deliver a Medicaid Data Hub as the Operational Data Store supporting CMS MITA standards. Swing by and hangout with us at Fahrenheit Charlotte on Wednesday, August 17 from 5:30-7:30pm.

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The MarkLogic Data Hub for Medicaid combines an Operational Data Store (ODS) and Master Patient/Provider Index (MPI) that allows states to confidently accelerate migration of legacy data to a more modern platform that simplifies data integration while future-proofing IT architecture.

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  • Get a demo: See how MarkLogic can be deployed as a “smart data fabric” — including support for detached operations.
  • Get insights: Hear how MarkLogic is supporting mission-critical applications and learn about some new capabilities we’re introducing.
  • Talk to our experts: Learn how MarkLogic can help you get more value from your complex data.

State Government MMIS modernization and replacement projects traditionally suffer from lengthy development cycles. Legacy ODS and MDM technology is simply not up to the task of quickly and reliably delivering a complete, real-time, person-centric 360 view from disparate data silos. To get to a true golden record of your members and providers – and ensure the data security you need – you need a new approach.

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MarkLogic provides the only enterprise-ready MMIS ODS using our Data Hub platform. The Data Hub provides more capabilities than any traditional ODS – including built-in master data indices, search and security. It integrates data from any legacy system or new module with ease and reduces the risks and costs of MMIS modernizations. Our proven ODS solution ensures that State Medicaid agencies are HIPAA, MITA and MECT-compliant, while providing a Data Hub platform that accommodates change and positions States for years to come.


MMIS Modernization Data Sheet

Operational Data Store and MPI for Medicaid Transformation

Incomplete Data Hurts the Most Vulnerable

Data silos hinder your ability to make good decisions and deliver needed services.

Learn how MarkLogic simplifies complex data integration for State HHS agencies, providing a highly secure and actionable, 360° view of your data.

Your State’s Data Deserves Better

Legacy technology is working against your mission.

Learn how MarkLogic has helped government agencies achieve a complete view of their data, measure program effectiveness, and support innovation.

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