Gartner Cloud DBMS Report Names MarkLogic a Visionary

With the explosion of unruly geospatial data emerging from the web, mobile applications, and the proliferation of sensors and drones, the next era of GIS innovation has been held back by its underlying data management technology. Simply put, GIS cannot keep up with rapidly changing data environments. Too often a geospatial database plus a spreadsheet becomes the de facto system of maintaining real-time data, leaving analysts to manage and search geospatial features and institutional knowledge in separate locations.

MarkLogic simplifies the integration of complex data—including unstructured information like documents and observations—and puts it into meaningful geospatial context. For more than a decade, customers have relied on MarkLogic to support their mission-critical geospatial applications.

Government personnel working on intelligence maps

GEOINT Symposium Demos

Combining MarkLogic with Esri

Esri, the global leader in GIS, delivers location analytics for all your data – imagery, documents, observations, tabular data, and more (including non-traditional GIS sources)

Powering Sensing Clues to Prevent Wildlife Poaching

Getting a 360-degree view of their data allows Sensing Clues to see when people are entering restricted areas, enabling them to react more quickly to threats; it also gives them the ability to analyze patterns of activity.

Supporting Earthcube with the MarkLogic Data Hub

The AI-based GEOINT platform stores and manages complex ISR data; Earthcube combines military geography and several levels of AI to enable automatic alerting, tipping, and cueing – all integrated within the analysts’ workflow.



The volume and variety of information stuck in silos hinder the ability of analysts and government officials to make the best decisions and deliver the best-finished intelligence.

Learn how MarkLogic helps organizations to quickly uncover geospatial relationships and achieve optimal performance by integrating data across domains to gain an accurate representation of the real world.

MarkLogic Overview

Every organization requires a complete, 360º view of their data. This can only be achieved by integrating data from silos and making the data unified, actionable, real-time, and governed.

Learn how MarkLogic helps organizations integrate data from silos—removing friction and simplifying every step in the process.

Your Data Deserves Better

For defense and intelligence organizations, access to quality data can make the difference between mission success and mission failure.

Learn how MarkLogic helps organizations integrate structured and unstructured data to deliver critical information at mission speed.

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