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GEOINT Symposium 2021

10.5.21 – 10.8.21 | St. Louis, Missouri

GEOINT Military World Map

Public sector organizations face an increasingly complex data landscape, leading many to fall short when it comes to managing geospatial data. Many lack an accurate representation of the real world, a feat that GIS struggles to accomplish alone. Enter the next era of geospatial innovation, a flexible data model that stores, enhances, and disseminates dynamic geospatial features and entities in one place.

MarkLogic simplifies the integration of complex data—including unstructured information like documents and observations—and puts it into meaningful geospatial context. For more than a decade, customers have relied on MarkLogic to support their mission-critical geospatial applications.

GEOINT Symposium Demos

Building a MarkLogic + Esri Data Hub

The combination of MarkLogic and Esri delivers location analytics for all your data – imagery, documents, observations, tabular data, and more (including non-traditional GIS sources)

Making Data More Accessible

MarkLogic’s multimodel database improves citizen access to government information and services by making important data easily accessible to both county employees and residents.

Finding Connections in Complex Data

Ingest and search data, view it geospatially, use link analysis to explore semantic relationships – and even take your data with you to use in a DIL environment.


MarkLogic Geospatial

Who, what, when, and where? That frequent question is the basis for organizing military operations, analyzing land use, mapping assets and utilities, and even figuring out who received a shipment at 1 am in Hamburg.

Our database provides a single platform to natively store, manage, and search geospatial data—including points of interest, intersecting paths, and regions of interest.

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MarkLogic Overview

Every organization requires a complete, 360º view of their data. This can only be achieved by integrating data from silos and making the data unified, actionable, real-time, and governed.

Learn how MarkLogic helps organizations integrate data from silos—removing friction and simplifying every step in the process.

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Info Sheet
Your Data Deserves Better

For defense and intelligence organizations, access to quality data can make the difference between mission success and mission failure.

Learn how MarkLogic helps organizations integrate structured and unstructured data to deliver critical information at mission speed.

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