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March 20-22, 2023 • Orlando, FL

Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

Visit booth 760 at the 2023 Gartner US Data & Analytics Summit, attend our session on March 21 or schedule a meeting to learn how you can simplify complex data and achieve data agility with the MarkLogic Data Platform.

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Tuesday, March 21 • 7:05 - 7:25 PM EDT

Create Agility by Enhancing Your Data Architecture

Theater 3 Exhibit Showcase Pacific Hall

The key to success of any business is its ability to tackle complex data challenges and turn data into actionable insights. We will demo our unified data platform that enables organizations to quickly unlock value from their complex data and create the data agility they need to respond to business change. Learn how implementing the MarkLogic platform – which includes our best-in-class multi-model NoSQL database plus robust semantic metadata management, knowledge graph support, and AI capabilities – enhances your existing investments in data systems and lets you get more value from your data.

MarkLogic Data Platform

Simplify Complex Data and Achieve Data Agility

Solve your most complex data challenges, unlock more value, and create data agility with the MarkLogic data platform. Eliminate data and knowledge silos with the only enterprise-grade, unified data platform that lets you respond quickly to business change while providing rigorous data governance and transformational data security. Anywhere there’s a desire to do more with information, and do it faster, visionary organizations turn to MarkLogic to solve complex data problems others can’t.

Our unified enterprise-grade platform lets organizations securely connect data and metadata, create and interpret meaning, and consume high-quality contextualized data across the enterprise – enabling informed search, contextual applications, grounded data for analytics, and facts-based intelligence. By delivering data agility you will the ability to quickly and easily make changes to how any information is interpreted and acted on, at any scale, for any purpose.


Set up a meeting or stop by booth 760 to see how the MarkLogic data platform helps you simplify complex data and achieve data agility while providing rigorous data governance and transformational data security.

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