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Esri User Conference 2019

07.08.19 - 07.12.19 | San Diego, California

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Mission success depends on high-quality, secure, curated data to support the production of finished intelligence and enable Artificial Intelligence algorithms. However, it’s hard to keep up with the volume, variety, and complexity of data sources and real-world events residing in multiple systems.

Defense, intelligence, and national security organizations push analysts to continually switch back and forth between these systems to gain retrospective analysis and real-time situational awareness. To solve these challenges, GIS must support the integration of real-time information feeds, with the expectation of periodic analysis to generate timely, useful all-source intelligence products.

MarkLogic securely integrates all your structured and unstructured data – including documents, observations, objects, imagery, and tabular information – in real-time and delivers them in geospatial context to support a wide variety of use cases.

Esri + MarkLogic Demos

Location Analytics for ALL Your Data

See how you can easily incorporate non-traditional GIS data sources – like unstructured text and semantic data – to get a real-time 360° view in ArcGIS Pro to support a variety of mission-critical use cases.

Aviation Surveillance

See how you can use a simple observation to connect disparate data sets and expose hidden connections between aircraft in a real-time geospatial data feed and a government watchlist.

ArcGIS Connector

See how anyone can easily use MarkLogic’s database capabilities to scope/refine queries as exposed datasets for further visual analysis in ESRI Insights, a web-based data analytics platform for visualizing spatial and non-spatial data.


Do More with Your GIS

Amplify your existing GIS capabilities by integrating MarkLogic and Esri ArcGIS® to apply location analytics to ALL enterprise data.

Learn how this powerful integration helps Defense and Intelligence agencies provide context to rapidly evolving situations and improve information quality and decision-making.

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MarkLogic Overview

Every organization requires a complete, 360º view of their data. This can only be achieved by integrating data from silos and making the data unified, actionable, real-time, and governed.

Learn how MarkLogic helps organizations integrate data from silos—removing friction and simplifying every step in the process.

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Your Data Deserves Better

For defense and intelligence organizations, access to quality data can make the difference between mission success and mission failure.

Learn how MarkLogic helps organizations integrate structured and unstructured data to deliver critical information at mission speed.

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