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How to Embrace the Hyperconnected World

One way to stay in business, regardless of any form of lockdown, is by having co-workers virtually collaborate. That is the current modus operandi of AbbVie, a pharmaceutical company with approximately 30,000 employees now heavily involved in the search for a COVID-19 vaccine.

For their research, they rely on MarkLogics Operational Data Hub. Until now, vaccine development took 10 to 16 years on average. Operation Warp Speed, the US program to find a COVID-19 vaccine within a year, may even succeed as the Data Hub has resulted in a tenfold decrease in research time.

Worrying Lack of Knowledge is Holding Us Back

The hyperconnected world also poses many substantial issues for governments and business alike. Privacy regulations, for instance. Data experts in the Netherlands show a harmful tendency to fuel public reluctance when it comes to sharing personal information. It may be out of political correctness, but more likely is that their advice is based on a “worrying lack of knowledge in the field of data management.” It caused an app for corona contact-tracing to be postponed for all the wrong reasons.

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Only a Multi-Model Data Hub Can Harness Hyperconnectivity

Over the past two decades, MarkLogic has grown into a role of providing solid solutions to the most challenging issues of industry-leading companies around the globe. With each year and every new emerging technology, these challenges get more interesting and complex at the same time. The multi-model data hub currently is the only trustworthy solution to disclose meaningful information, free from data misuse and privacy violations.

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As a chief executive, you have a choice: will you let your data be kept and managed by an array of third-party applications, or do you take matters into your own hands? MarkLogic works day after day to solve the biggest challenges of the world’s most influential organizations. Successfully, flawlessly, and with tangible results within a few weeks, instead of many, many months.

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