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Why So Many Business Cases Fail


How Data-Driven Companies Avert Disaster

A well-crafted business case is based on a selection of relevant facts and figures from various sources. The authors carefully choose what should and should not be included for consideration of acceptance and rejection, before drawing to conclusions. Yet far too many well-crafted cases do not result in successful projects.

Despite all the care, information sometimes gets misplaced or left out by mistake. A disclaimer to an offer, for example, in which a supplier states that the minimum delivery speed cannot be guaranteed at the negotiated price. It’s just a two-line paragraph, easy to be overlooked. But it is an omission that may cause the business case to completely collapse once brought into practice.

Untouchable Kingdom of Applications

Seemingly small bits of information get left out all too often. Because of misinterpretation, neglect, or sadly even because they don’t quite suite the purpose of the authors. That’s why as a decision maker you rigorously scrutinize each business case, but that doesn’t always bring to light what’s been left out.

You can’t redo all the research yourself, and even having it done by a second opinion team is not all that likely to succeed, since sources are scattered, too diverse, too numerous and, above all, insufficiently transparent. Your vital business information is locked in an untouchable kingdom of applications and databases. Interested in how to set your data free?


Your Company Data, Your Core Asset

In a data-driven organization, there is no such problem. Because all information is always available, to every user and every application, depending on tight security rules. Sounds like never-never land? It’s far from that.

With MarkLogic Data Hub, you turn company information into your core asset. Making it available in a much simpler, faster, transparent, secure and fully compliant manner. To all those who depend on it and need to be able to blindly trust in it. People like you. And all your employees.

Why MarkLogic?

As a chief executive, you have a choice: will you let your data be kept and managed by an array of third-party applications, or do you take matters into your own hands? MarkLogic works day after day to solve the biggest challenges of the world’s most influential organizations. Successfully, flawlessly, and with the first tangible results within a few weeks, instead of many, many months.

Do you want to know how we do it, and why it will also work for your organization?

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