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Widespread CPU Security Vulnerabilities Impact Software

As announced yesterday by Google and others, widespread security vulnerabilities have been identified affecting many CPUs, including those from Intel, AMD, and ARM. In order to mitigate the vulnerabilities, patches will be provided by hardware, operating system, and cloud vendors.

These patches will likely have a performance impact on any software running on these systems. As always, it is best to follow industry standard best practices and conduct performance and other testing before introducing any changes into your production environments in order to address any possible performance degradation up front. The performance impact will vary considerably and will depend on each customer’s operating environment, infrastructure, hardware, workloads, as well as a host of many independent factors.

MarkLogic will continue to provide high performance on all supported platforms. No patches or workarounds are necessary for MarkLogic itself. The problem is at the hardware level and will be addressed by hardware, cloud, and operating system vendors.

For more information on the vulnerabilities, click here.

– Tom Thomassen, MarkLogic Security Team

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