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Top 3 Reasons to Attend MarkLogic World 2017

I’ve been at MarkLogic for five years now, which means this spring will mark my fifth MarkLogic World—an absolutely exhilarating annual event that has us moving about the globe listening and learning about how organizations are developing on MarkLogic.

It always energizes me to see people find inspiration and practical ideas from the use cases we feature each year at MarkLogic World. And this year’s tour is shaping up to be just as exciting with events to be hosted in Chicago, London and Tokyo.

The theme of this year’s event is Your Data Deserves Better. From tackling complex compliance regulations to achieving a 360-view of customers, MarkLogic World will showcase what’s possible when organizations break down rigid data silos to unleash the true potential of their data.

Here’s why you should join us this year:

1. Learn From Those Who Have Succeeded

Attention business leaders working on enterprise data integration projects: From Morgan Stanley and Aetna, to the World Bank and the Entertainment Technology Center at the University of Southern California and many others, this year we have an inspiring roster of speakers, including top database engineers and Fortune 500 executives, all sharing helpful, valuable insights gained from their experiences in data integration, security and data governance, infrastructure, and the cloud.

2. Explore Topics That’ll Pique and Keep Your Interest

When you come to MarkLogic World, you’re not just attending a series of presentations, you’ll gain real-world experience for solving data challenges around complex data integration, security and more. Our practical learning lineup includes the following session tracks and topics designed to answer your questions and expand your thinking:

  • Data Integration
    Learn how to build an Operational Data Hub and create a 360-view of all your data. We will also show you how to use new features in MarkLogic 9 that make data integration easier, faster, and more secure.

  • Security and Data Governance
    Get up to date on the latest advances in database security in order to manage your data through the integration lifecycle and protect against today’s increasing cyber threats.

  • Cloud, Infrastructure, and Agility
    Discover how your business can innovate faster and become more agile by taking advantage of the cloud and building modern infrastructure. Learn how MarkLogic simplifies your architecture with a multi-model approach for agile development.

  • Technical Track
    Chicago attendees can dive deeper into the technology with MarkLogic engineers and product managers as they discuss new features in MarkLogic 9 and provide tips and tricks for faster performance.

3. Network With Other Smart, Interesting People

Innovators in the database world—whether they’re engineers, product managers, or business leaders—come to MarkLogic World to exchange ideas and learn from future-minded peers in various stages of their own complex data integration projects.

MarkLogic World presents a variety of educational and networking opportunities that empower both business and technical leaders alike to gain the most return on their MarkLogic technology investments—and the most value from their data. We look forward to seeing you at this year’s event. Join us to learn how to integrate your data better, faster and with less cost than you might think. Because, when it comes to database platforms, your data deserves better—and so do you.

Registration Information

For more information, or to register for the upcoming events, visit MarkLogic World online.

MarkLogic World 2017 | Chicago
May 16-17, 2017
McCormick Place West

MarkLogic World 2017 | Tokyo
June 1, 2017
Tokyo Station Hotel

MarkLogic World 2017 | London
June 13, 2017

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