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The Twelve Days of Big Data

Here’s a song we heard at a customer’s office last week…

The Twelve Days of Big Data

On the first data of Big Data my VP gave to me
A deadline and guidelines budgetary
On the second data of Big Data my Manager gave to me
The goals and objectivity
On the third data of Big Data my IT gave to me
Volume and Variety
On the fourth data of Big Data my Analysts gave to me
Concerns about Velocity and Variability
On the fifth data of Big Data MarkLogic to me
5 Express licenses for free
On the sixth data of Big Data my Editorial Staff gave to me
The data without any boundaries
On the seventh data of Big Data my Scrum Master said to me
The schedule seems a fantasy
On the eighth data of Big Data my Programmers came to me
They said look what we can do with XQuery
On the ninth data of Big Data the team worked feverously
The system was developed with Roxy MVC
On the tenth data of Big Data the demo was for me
The MarkLogic software worked perfectly
On the eleventh data of Big Data the Execs said to me
The system went live seamlessly
On the twelfth data of Big Data my President gave to me
A bonus and an another opportunity

Happy Holidays to you all!

Former Chief Marketing Officer

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