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The Right Systems Integrators for the Right Solutions: Enabling Global Innovation through Partners at MarkLogic World 2019

MarkLogic has some of the most innovative customers in the world—along with some of the world’s most innovative partners.

NTT DATA and Tata Consulting Services, two leading system integrators, were on the main stage at MarkLogic World 2019 in Washington D.C. last week.

NTT DATA’s Karen Way, Global Practice Lead, Data & Intelligence, showcased NTT DATA’s Business Insights Engine, initially designed for its healthcare vertical. The solution has MarkLogic database technology at its core and was built in five months. The Business Insights Engine creates a foundation for healthcare data analysis and enables health plans to use data effectively to make insightful business decisions and develop member care programs. Data in healthcare is exploding, and much of it is sprawled throughout the healthcare system. The Business Insights Engine solves a long-standing and vexing problem of getting a 360º view of claims, patients, groups and providers through seamless data integration. Health plan clients can also see propensity indicators of social and behavioral determinant risks to enable them to be more proactive with member populations. While designed for NTT DATA’s healthcare vertical, the model could be deployed via other NTT DATA verticals.

This is groundbreaking and exciting for us—not only because of the Business Insights Engine’s potential to improve healthcare—but because it is a great example of a repeatable solution that’ll work in many industries, all of whom struggle to integrate data to get the most out of it. Not surprising, our conference was titled, “Integrate to Innovate.”

Karan Way, Global Practice Lead, Data & Intelligence – NTT Group

TCS’s Dina Kholkar, Vice President and Global Head of Analytics and Insights, was the next partner to take the stage. TCS is one of the most valuable companies in India and is part of the Tata Group, a $100 billion conglomerate. Kholkar underscored the data challenges facing enterprises today by noting that 45% to 60% of the time is spent gathering, analyzing and preparing data and only 5% to 10% of the time is spent acting on that data. The goal, he says, is to flip that around so that 5% to 10% of the time is spent readying data and 60% to 75% is spent acting on data. Data integration solutions will be critical to making that happen.

The data challenges that all industries face are huge and require innovation by all technology providers and partners. MarkLogic’s unique, multi-model database technologies enable integrators such as NTT and TCS to build repeatable solutions in verticals ranging from healthcare to financial services, to life science and the public sector.

Dina Kholkar, Vice President and Global Head of Analytics and Insights – TCS

We have great partners delivering solutions and MarkLogic technology to customers. Thank you Karen and Dina for participating in MarkLogic World 2019.

David Ponzini - SVP, Corporate Development & Alliances | MarkLogic

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