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Learn about lazy evaluation -- what it is and when it is appropriate to use. Study it in action with XQuery code that processes and groups search results in a fast and efficient way.
MarkLogic 9 provides the ability to select certain paths within documents and protect them from viewing or updating, unless the user has the proper credentials. This post covers the performance implication of using this functionality and provides some recommendations to design and implement a solution that uses element level security.
Discover the top 7 reasons for using a range index in MarkLogic.
Paxton Hare presents a simple checklist to follow for optimizing XQuery performance
Optimizing search performance with the help of xdmp:plan
Rebalancing in MarkLogic redistributes content in a database so that the forests that make up the database each have a similar number of documents. Spreading documents evenly across forests lets you take better advantage of concurrency among hosts.
Customize charts in the performance-monitoring application
How do you find the URIs of documents that do not have a deeply nested structure? Generally, this problem isn't easily solvable using pure cts:query constructs -- that was, until now.