Gartner Cloud DBMS Report Names MarkLogic a Visionary

My prolific colleague Adam Fowler is at it again. Since he is on the front line of integrating MarkLogic with legacy systems — he has seen multiple needs (in just the last few weeks) for a C++ Rest Wrapper for platform integration and application integration.

So in true Adam fashion he is working on creating a single, well-tested C++ wrapper API. He’s anticipating that by August 2014 he should have something for use. In the meantime, request your favorite features in the issues area of GitHub, or even better fork the repo and contribute your own code too!

If C++ is ancient history to you — then take a look at MarkLogic’s Java API, which is now developed in the open on GitHub, or an official JavaScript wrapper (inspired by Adam’s very own MLJS!) for Node.js which is soon to follow!


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